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Don't Risk Any Data Leaks

Audit your Google Drive files  and prevent data leaks.

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Google Drive is great, right? 
It allows you to store all types of files and share them with anyone in the world in just a few clicks.

But what happens when the project is done, the client leaves or your employee moves on?

Thousands of files could be shared outside of your organization, e.g. signed NDA agreements, financial statements or documents with Personal Identifiers (PIDs).

That's when you need AuditSatori.


How it works?

It is a dedicated tool for Google Workspace administrators created by AppSatori - a Google Cloud Premier Partner
with more than 10+ years of experience.

AuditSatori lets you find, inspect and unshare Google Drive files. Select one, multiple users or whole domain and do a deep scan of permissions in every file shared outside of your domain.

Summary dashboard gives you quick security insights about your security condition.


Filter files according to your desired properties.


User aggregation helps you to identify unknown external users.


Unshare unwanted users from selected files with a single click.


No monthly user fee. Pay only for audited files - whether you have one user with thousands of files, or thousands of users of one file. 



Use cases

HR Manager

Jane used to work with the salaries Google Sheet. She quit her job one month ago and her thousands of files were transferred to another employee.

Thanks to the AuditSatori the HR manager found out that this spreadsheet was shared with her private account and she still had access to it.

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IT Security manager

Robert works with all kinds of contracts and he made some copies which he saved on his Google Drive. But those files weren’t shared with anybody and nobody knows those files even exist.

The Google Drive Audit tool found that even though there is an internal rule that forbids the copying and downloading of files from the company structure, Robert saved 26 different copies for "later use".

Financial Services

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George works in the finance department. He has a folder with invoices where a few files are visible to the whole domain.

Nobody (not even the administrator) has specific access to this folder, but those few files could easily be found via the “Shared inside the domain” function.

About us

AppSatori is a certified Google Cloud Premier Partner for Google Workspace
and the 
Google Cloud Platform.

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management in Gmail.

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